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"Ads Change, Society Changes"

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The project titled "Ads Change, Society Changes" with reference number 2022-3-TR01-KA153-YOU-000097231, was conducted in Mersin. There were 6 partner countries including Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania. In the project, which was in the type of youth workers mobility, youth workers from each partner country collaborated for a common purpose. While determining the number of participants, importance was given to gender equality. The project, which started on 10.10.2023 and ended on 16.10.2023, lasted a total of 5 days. The project was carried out in which the participants had a lot of fun and at the same time raised awareness about the subject they wanted to talk about.

If we talk about the subject of the project:

The image of women is commodified from past to present. In TV series and movies, showcases, billboards, advertisements, mostly something about women is told. But these narratives make societies think that women should only be interested in those subjects.

Our aim was to raise awareness about gender equality by revealing that the commercials we watch on TV every day, sometimes getting bored of watching them and switching to the next channel, actually contain sexist roles that we are not aware of and reinforce stereotypical perceptions of women and men.

For more detailed information, you can check the Erasmus Plus results platform. Here is the link:

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