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Bucharest-Let's Live-23/30 January'23

Half of the women in the world experience violence from their husbands.

The International Organization for Migration reports that every year 2 million women are used for cross-border trafficking. A woman is raped every 6 minutes in the United States.

One in seven women in the UK is sexually abused by a male partner. 6 women die every month in France due to domestic violence.

We implemented our project to be the voice of women who have been subjected to violence, to minimize the effects of violence on women, and to create a universal voice by raising women's awareness. Because the cruel rhetoric and behaviors on the basis of existing gender-based inequality reinforce the ideology that masculine violence has no difficulty in finding 'justification' and normalizes violence.

Our goals were:

*To treat all male and female employees fairly in the workplace, to respect and support the principles of human rights and non-discrimination,

* To ensure the health, safety and well-being of all women and men,

* To encourage women in all kinds of education, training and professional development,

* Ensuring that practices related to entrepreneurship, business development, supply chain and marketing processes are carried out in a way that empowers women,

*Promoting equality through community initiatives and advocacy,

*Measuring progress on gender equality and sharing the results with the public

* Raising awareness of women and men about violence,

* To minimize the effects of male violence,

* To encourage employment opportunities for women,

* Emphasizing gender equality by ensuring the balance between men and women in the project,

* Reinforcing intercultural understanding,

*Disseminating the Erasmus plus program and Youthpass,

* To prevent xenophobia,

* To raise awareness of young people about women and violence by giving importance to non-formal education methods,

* To provide opportunities for participants with limited opportunities.

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